Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer Sangria, YUM

There are many recipes for a good sangria, but this one is so easy and so darn good!
We make this at least every other week or more, it seems.

Ingredients include:
                                               1 bottle 7up
                                               1 bottle sangria (see below for our favorite)
                                               2 Oranges
                                               1 lemon

Slice part of the lemon and orange to use for garnish in pitcher.
Then, cut the lemon and oranges into quarters and squeeze juice into pitcher.
(Use a strainer if you are not a fan of pulp) 
Use the whole delicious bottle of sangria and half the bottle of 7up.
Mix and serve over ice!

This is the sangria we use. 

SO good :), You can add other fruit like apples, or berries as well. Enjoy!

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