Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Old Shelf to New Entertainment Center

I've been dabbling in figuring out how to refurbish and distress furniture and here is one of my first creations. I found this shelf in my folk's backyard (yes, I promise we are not hoarders, but there are gems waiting to be discovered throughout my parents's house, garage, basement, yard.)

This one was quite the task. It had already been "kind of" painted and sealed, thus I learned alot about paint stripper. Boy does it burn if you get it on your skin. Rule number 1? Always wear glove and long pants. I was really surprised by how nice some of the wood underneath all that paint was, but sadly some of it was also really bad. Whenever I do a project like this I always have a big plan, but at each step I questions it. (Do I REALLY want to paint over this? Do I REALLY want to distress that nice crisp white paint? Stick to the plan, Libby.)

The paint stripping took most of the time, but once I got it primed it was ready to go and now it's just ready to be put into place. My dad helped me out and drilled holes in the back for all of those messy cords to go through. I have a large sheet of glass to put on the top shelf, but other than that all it needs is my TV and some old school Nintendo systems to decorate it. 

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