Monday, July 18, 2011

Medicine Cabinet

Let me preface this with, I promise you, we are not hoarders.

I found this simple wall medicine cabinet at my parent's and knew it just needed a little love. So, I stripped the paint (which after that entertainment center I was ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work, but the paint just turned to goo and slopped off.)

This project was where I really needed to be sure to just stick to the plan. First I primed it being sure to especially hit those little detailed areas. Then I painted it a dark grey. I read in a bunch of places that you're suppose to choose a base color that is similar to wood so when you scratch off bits of your crisp white paint it'll look like wood underneath ... but, the pictures I saw looked more like grey and I loved it! Thus, the grey. So here's my personal problem with distressing. I painted it this wonderful dark grey and loved how it looked (stick to the plan, Libby.)

For the next step, I used a good old candle to rub wax on the edges and high traffic areas. This makes it so when you paint over it, your clean white paint comes off super easy. Too bad it was so hot out that my candle started to melt. After using a paint brush to brush away any chunks of wax I added my final white coat. It took FOREVER to cover all that dark grey, but it was worth all the coats.

After taking a sand block and a table knife to chip away all the places I wanted the cabinet was ready to go. Now, I still need to build shelves for the inside, but I was thinking, "wouldn't it be adorable if this was more of a first aid looking medicine cabinet and my shelves on the inside could actually be a wine rack?" Well, that still all needs to be accomplished. I made my red plus sign out of just a plain piece of wood, some painters tape and distressed it with just a fine piece of sandpaper. But, even though the mirror is in pretty bad shape, I think I like it better just plain. Either way, my plan is to put this piece up in the little shop, so keep an eye out for it! xo libby

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