Monday, September 26, 2011

!New Camera!

Well Jared and I made it to Minnesota one last time this summer! It was a great getaway and it was nice to be just the two of us. On the way up, I found a new black bag in the back seat of the car, tags still attached. Not a black bag of mine. I thought Jared had went out and bought the expensive fish finder he has been wanting... He then told me to open the bag... guess what it was... a Canon EOS 60D DSLR! (I have been wanting a DSLR since May). I have the best husband EVER! The pic below is my camera minus the lens. Mine is slightly different.

I then spent the rest of trip playing with the camera and trying to spoil my husband! Of course I have some awesome shots from our trip to share with you!  Hope you enjoy, and the pics of my crafts should also GREATLY improve!!!

More to come, I promise!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Wedding Gift 2

I also first saw this idea as a pin on (I love that website and it gives craft inspiration!). What a great way to make your gift stand out!
Supplies for this project include:
   Glass item to etch
   Paint brushes
   Xacto knife
   Contact Paper
   Armour Etch
   Rubber Gloves

I bought a glass pitcher to monogram for this project. After a glass object is found, look for a font, pattern, or object you want to etch on your glass. Remember the more complicated the harder it will be to cut out of the contact paper. I found a great B using Microsoft Word. Once you find a font you like, print it out and trace onto the contact paper (see below). One could also use the outline of scrapbook lettering.

While tracing the B, ensure it is backwards so that it appears the right way when etching. I used my kitchen window and natural light to trace the B. (I don't have a light table).

After traced, I cut the B out with my Xacto knife. The knife is sharp BE CAREFUL :).

Peel the back of the contact paper off and place the letter (or other object) on your glass object.
 Ensure the edges are sealed down.

I bought separate paint brushes for this project due to the chemical in the Armour Etch. I then painted in the armour etch and filled in all areas of the B. Wear gloves when using the product to ensure you don't burn your hands accidentally. Let the product sit on the glass for at least five minutes. Then rinse off the Armour Etch under the sink (while wearing gloves)

Here is my finished product! I love it and I think it will make a great wedding gift!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Wedding Gift 1

This is my take on a pin from My childhood friend got married this last weekend and I thought it was such a great idea to use the invite as part of the gift. What a sweet keepsake. To make this invite ornament, you will need these supplies:

-glass crafting ornaments (I got mine from hobby lobby)
-a charm for extra zing
-scrapbook paper cutter
-the invite

This is so simple! Cut the invite into strips, so that you can read the writing. This particular invite had both large and small type so I had two sizes of paper strips. Then you wrap the strips around a pencil or pen to give them the curly appearance. Stuff the curly strips into the glass ball. I used ribbon to place the charm around the ornament neck as well as to use it to hang the ball. I suppose you could use it with any type of invite, but the wedding invite idea is my favorite. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Baby 'B's goods

My cousin and his wife are expecting their second child and I was so excited when she
asked to make some cute items for her! I had so much fun making this order because
I got to make something new and I made a surprise item that I know they will love!

My cousin's growing family is by far the biggest husker fans I know!
So how could I not make a husker hat for Baby B!

I love the way these booties turned out!

This was my first baby 'elf' hat and I can't wait to see it
on the new baby!

Baby 'B's cocoon for newborn photos