Tuesday, May 10, 2011

custom tea cups.

When I saw this I was so excited and knew instantly that I needed to try it out. Welp, I did and I can't remember for the life of me where I found the instructions. [As soon as I find it I promise I'll post it, because I remember she had some pretty sweet stuff.] Anyhoo, here we go with my first tutorial!
First things first, here's what you need:
Cup (I found mine at the Goodwill)
Transfer Paper* (Laura was a pro and went free-hand)
Design printed for transfer
Pen and Scissors
Porcelaine Pen (I searched Hobby Lobby like crazy, but only Michael's had it.)
*This was my first time trying out transfer paper and I loved it! But, if you rather not spend the money you can always just use pencil on the back of your paper.
Tada! Process of transferring with transfer paper. I'm telling ya, I'm in love with the stuff.
Then, you just color it in! Michael's has tons of colors, but I'm in love with the classic black on white. Once you're ton you toss it in the oven (directions listed on the pens) and you have your custom, wash-safe design.

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